Pump Solutions, Inc. is a Municipal Pump Distributor for the state of Texas. Pump Solutions, Inc. takes pride in a variety of pump, control, and access hatch manufacturers; and in doing so, stocks a majority of spare parts and accessories.

Pump Solutions was founded in 1999 in Houston, Texas on the belief that a need existed for a supplier of quality equipment with knowledgeable sales people and true 24-hour service. Pump Solutions originally serviced the Houston area exclusively but expanded its reach in December 2005 to Central Texas with a branch in Hutto and later into Grand Prarie. Though there is no shortage of pump suppliers, many have either grown too large to maintain the attention to detail required by industry, or the equipment that they represent does not meet the quality standards that industry requires.

Pump Solutions has service personnel on call 24 hours a day. The company has multiple service trucks, four of which are Maintainer Hydraulic Crane Trucks with 6000 lb. lifting capacity. This allows Pump Solutions to meet our customers needs in a timely manner. Pump Solutions specializes in Water & Wastewater Pumps and Controls, and strives to be the expert in the field.